Anticline fold


An anticline fold can be most commonly defined as an up curved fold in rock due to extreme stress.

The Process
Sometimes, rock folds under stress instead of breaking. This generally happens over long periods of time under extremely high temperatures. It can be most commonly evident in sedimentary rock. There exists three types of folds: anticline, syncline, and monocline. In the case of an anticline fold, pressure and compression is applied at the sides, causing an underground upward buckling of the rocks. Thus, the stress is located underneath the arc. (See diagram.) This shape can be referred to as an upside down parabola.

Examples of Anticline folds:
a) Valley in Hurricane, Utah
b) Harndhardt Canyon, Arizona
Interior Diagrams of Anticline folds:
a) Diagram 1
b) Diagram 2
Flash Animation of an anticline fold movement
a) Animation 1