Aneroid Barometer: used to measure Atmospheric pressure.

An aneroid barometer is the most common barometer used today and is used for measuring atmospheric pressure. The word "aneroid" in aneroid barometer means without liquid. The scale on which the barometer records its information is either in millimeters, inches of mercury, or in millibars. An aneroid barometer can also measure altitude above the sea level. When it is used in this way, scientist like to call it a altimeter, however to accurately use the barometer in this way, you will have to get your barometer corrected for local weather conditions.

How It Works
In a aneroid barometer there is a capsule with
flexible sides, when air pressure changes it
alters the amount of pressure on the capsule


while the capsle is expanding and contracting a
pointer with a pencil like tip touches the graph
paper that's wrapped around the capsle and
records the data. Some advanced types
have a digital readout for better accuracy

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